Six Nations Boss Ben Morel confirm to step down after the 2023 season

Chief Executive officer of Six Nations rugby tournament Ben Morel decided to step down after the 2023 rugby season.

Morel announced that he would step down as the manager of the Six Nations Rugby League at the end of the 2022/23 season. He also stated that he has worked hard to make sure that a best-in-class transition could take place during that time, as needed.

“It is an unbelievable privilege to be leading such an organisation as Six Nations Rugby and in particular such a talented group of people. I am immensely proud of the many accomplishments over the last five seasons ranging from successfully completing our Championships during the pandemic, centralising our rights to offer a better experience for our fans around the world, and bringing state-of-the-art partnerships to place rugby on a significant growth trajectory”, said Morel.

“I am at the stage in my life when I want to tackle other personal and professional projects and a Rugby World Cup year is the perfect time to ensure a smooth transition to keep the pace of our rapid transformation. There are several key projects I am focused on delivering before I depart and look forward to the next months ahead”.

Ronan Dunne, Chair of the Board of Six Nations Rugby said: “We have been privileged to have Ben’s wise counsel and steadfast leadership during these past five seasons. He has delivered outstanding performance, whilst establishing a strong and effective organisation and executive leadership team, leaving us well placed to deliver on the next phase of our vision for Six Nations Rugby.”

2023 Six Nations Fixtures – Round One:


  • Wales vs Ireland – 14:15 (BBC)
  • England vs Scotland – 16:45 (ITV)


  • Italy vs France – 15:00 (ITV)

2023 Six Nations – Round Two Fixtures:


  • Ireland vs France- 14:15 (ITV)
  • Scotland vs Wales – 16:45 (BBC)


  • England vs Italy- 15:00 (ITV)

Round Three Fixtures:


  • Italy vs Ireland- 14:15 (ITV)
  • Wales vs England – 16:45 (BBC)


  • France vs Scotland- 15:00 (ITV)

Round Four Fixtures:


  • Italy vs Wales- 14:15 (ITV)
  • England vs France – 16:45 (ITV)


  • Scotland vs Ireland – 15:00 (BBC)

2023 Six Nations – Round Five Fixtures:


  • Scotland vs Italy – 12:30 (BBC)
  • France vs Wales – 14:45 (ITV)
  • Ireland vs England – 17:00 (ITV)

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